For Dog's Sake Rescue 

        Partnering with southern rescue to
      transto loving furever homes in the Northeast

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Process Work?

We rescue dogs in need from Arkansas and Alabama, then transport them to loving furever homes in the Northeast.
We have a dedicated group of foster parents in the South who house our dogs until an applicant has been approved. Once a new home has been selected, arrangements are made for the dog to hitch a ride on our transport to join his or her new family.
We work hard to ensure that the dog will be a good match with the adopting family before transport.  Each prospective parent is interviewed by an adoption counselor, and we will speak with the vet of any current or former pet to ensure that the highest level of care will be given to each dog we adopt out.  If you are approved to adopt, you will have the opportunity to speak with the foster parent, who will be able to answer more specific questions about your potential new family member.

I'd like to adopt a dog. What should I do?

Please click the application link at the top of our homepage.  Fill out and submit the application online. Once you have submitted your application please contact your veterinarian (if applicable) and give consent for them to release information to For Dog's Sake Rescue.  We will not be able to process your application without checking your veterinary records for any pets you have or have had in the past.

How do I know if the dog I want is still available?

If the dog is listed as "pending" that means he or she has been adopted and is waiting to be transported to his or her forever home. Otherwise, we are accepting applications.  You can find a link to the application at the top of our homepage.

How can I find out more about the dog I am interested in?

Please read the dog's full bio under our adoptable pets link.  If you are interested in finding more information, please submit an application. Once your application has been approved you will have the opportunity to speak with the dog's foster family. They will be more than happy to answer any questions and to make sure that it is a good match. 


Is the dog good with kids, cats, housetrained etc.?

We generally have 100+ dogs in our rescue at any given time, and unfortunately are not able to answers these specific questions about each one.  Often, you can find this information in the dog's bio.  If not, once we have approved your application we can put you in touch with the foster family.  The foster families are very familiar with the dogs in their care, and are able to answer any question you might have.  As you can imagine, caring for multiple foster dogs is quite time-consuming, and we love our fosters!  Without them, it would not be possible to do what we do. To be respectful of their time, we are only able to provide their contact information to approved adopters.  Thank you so much for your understanding!

When can I meet the dog?

We are a rescue, not a shelter.  Our dogs are in foster homes in southern states that face overwhelming pet overpopulation and abandonment issues. These dogs are posted for adoption prior to transport to New England. They are adopted before they are transported to New England, so it is generally not possible to meet one of our puppies before adopting.  

 I submitted my application. When will I hear from you?

Thank you for your application!  Applications are processed by one of our volunteers and you should hear back from us in 48-60 hours.  We do not meet, and are generally unable to complete the veterinary reference checks, on weekends. To expedite the process please make sure that you have contacted your veterinarian (if applicable) and granted them permission to release information to us.  We will not be able to move forward with your application if this is not done.

Can you hold a dog for me?

We are not able to hold dogs.  Holding a dog in a foster home leaves another in a shelter.  Please check back when you are ready to adopt, we post new pups all the time.

I see that a dog is pending, can I be next on the list to adopt him or her?

Very rarely does a pending adoption fall through.  If it does, we will remove pending from the dog's listing and only at that time will we begin accepting applications.  However, we would encourage you look through our other available dogs, and to check back frequently as we post new dogs all the time!